hello there!


I figure there are quite a few of you nomads wandering and wondering who I am. If you happen to know me, you might be wondering what I've been up to!

Thanks for stopping by my wiki - i think updating this wiki for the purpose of sharing my life is a lot more fun than updating my blog. It makes the process very dynamic and allows others to contribute not to mention I get to be an ongoing contribution and make a difference! I really hope you get something out of this experience - it is an experiment as is everything else in life - so bear with me if pages look out of date!

You can watch a short video if you are new to wikis.

A snippet of now

Twitter is as close as it gets to wiring this wiki to my brain!

if you're interested in my Portfolio - it distills my experience being of service for 4 years in Thailand and the difference I am discovering it is making while regrouping in the states.

Useful references

  • Well Being - Thailand has woken me up to being responsible for this aspect of myself.
  • Thailand Cheatsheet - a must for anyone doing the grassroots thing in Thailand!
  • Toolbox - once a toolmeister, forever a toolmeister!
    • Facebook - wondering "why Facebook?" you are invited to peruse my research notes on this incredible phenomenon!
    • if you'd rather just dive into the world of "multi-dimensional" conversations, go to my facebook profile