Thailand has been a journey in getting acquainted with my well being and getting where my limits are - especially in an environment that is very inspiring and there is no shortage of things to do or accomplish!

For Valentine's Day 2011, I put together a Wellness Map - please request to see it if you're interested in creating one for yourself - it pretty much encapsulates everything below and then some - the name of the game is to source all my actions from the context of wellness :)

Where I am at

inspired by my dad's commitment I take care of myself - I've edited out a few personal comments here and there but this is pretty much verbatim as of March 4, 2008 (thus this is a snapshot mind you!)
  1. shoes - i wear dress shoes and eccos almost 95% of the time. the times I decide to wear flip flops - they hurt my feet and it's usually because i need to get something quick outside my apartment.
  2. motorcycle - i try not to use them when i can but you should know that I use them about once/week.
  3. security - i asked maintenance to put hooks on my door. I padlock my door when I am away now. Nobody on staff here in this apartment can enter my room now. It does mean it is an inconvenience if I lose my padlock key.
  4. news - i read the news on the Internet all the time. most of it is technology & business. my friends keep me updated about politics.
  5. TV - I do not like watching TV and do not watch CNN even though I pay for it (required fee, it comes with my apartment). I don't find watching Thai news much fun - i really can't understand much ever after 4 years. Thai TV is generally quite boring.
  6. doctor/dentist visits - I put all appointments in my calendar. every year for doctor (Oct 11th) and every 6 months for dentist (April 3, Oct 3)
  7. exercise - I practice yoga 3 times/week (excellent for stretching). I try to go dancing once/week - I often get busy and they still have not banned smoking from clubs like they have in California.
  8. vitamins - I am trying Spirulina daily
  9. eating - I try to eat 3 times a day but really it is more like 2 times a day. Morning tends to be cereal, museli, oatmeal. I get bananas when I remember to go to the market near my apt. Things that call me to eat are eating with friends. I eat alone if I need to and still learning to make it exciting & valuable :) I try not to eat meat, I eat more fish and make a point to eat green vegetables and avoid fried and salty food. I do like to eat candy especially in Japan! :-o
  10. getting up early - this is a tough one for me - i do my best and still finding I get up late. it is a practice while living alone is what I am noticing! (well, to be honest, it is a practice even if you live with someone - it is only human to be lazy!)
  11. sleeping - I have a goal to get 6 hrs of sleep - if I can get 8 hrs every so often (like on the wkd) I often do. I do stay up late but happy I went to sleep by midnight and got 8 hrs of sleep last nite.
  12. alcohol - I drink red wine when I can. I try not to drink hard alcohol except with friends in moderation. I like Belgian beer (it is quite tasty) and tend to avoid all other kinds of beer like Singha, Heineken, etc.
  13. medicine - I typically avoid medicine like the plague. I particularly avoid over-the-counter drugs and when I get a cold, I let my body heal itself even if it takes a bit longer. I have the freedom to do this while I am in Thailand and this is one area that is going to shift as a result of taking on full-time work and having more responsibility and accountability. What I declare is I have learned an increased awareness to my body and give up any kind of "fix it"mentality to medicine while I am in the high precision, machine-like mode of the working world.

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  • eHealthInsurance - props up to Chad for this neat utility to help out with choosing a plan in the U.S. - i've been happy with Kaiser in the past (for the record!)