yeay! this page comes alive thanks to the Twittersphere - now you can see the latest news from quite a few items in my toolbox including services!

AppFresh may soon automate the maintenance of my technology set on this page, favorites will sync with the list on the left-pane.

ideally, from a customer service perspective, all this content would be in sync with my getsatisfaction page (which at this time of writing is purposely left stale in favor of keeping my twitter toolbox list up to date)

current config

for those short on time - this may be a good summary of current core components...
  1. iPad - engineering a means to have it replace any need for my macbook and make it work!
  2. Safari
  3. wikispaces for wikis, knowledge organization, grassroots home/website - so happy i edit wikitext here - I'm golden for the short-term! :)
  4. Google Voice for "high quality" internet telephony (requires a callback phone) (contact me)
  5. Skype for internet telephony (VoIP)
  6. gmail for email
  7. iCal for calendar
  8. Address Book for organizing contacts, plaxo for sync (need to seriously consider MobileMe as sync hub...
  9. facebook for community socializing, keeping in touch (also integrates all my social feeds)
  10. Dropbox for file sharing
  11. MobileMe for over-the-air sync (once you don't have it - you realize what you're missing!)
  12. OmniFocus for GTD and Mission Control (personal project management) (iPad client here as of 7/29!)
  13. Freshbooks for Billing (current cloud solution poster child!)
  14. CoPilot Live for GPS navigation (until this is part of my mobile phone)
  15. foursquare for location-based microblogging (tweeting with a kick!)

evaluating on iPad

  1. bluetooth keyboard
  2. Keynote
  3. Pandora
  4. LogMeIn
  5. Google Apps - Google Mail looks great so far!
  6. Netflix

requires desktop OS

iPad requests

these apps create a high dependency off my iPad...
  1. Personal Brain - awesome platform for getting my Autobiography in action! (meaning more than an intellectual exercise!)
  2. Google Docs for documentation and spreadsheets (currently read-only)
  3. Google Wave for one-stop collaboration - especially for ironing out far-reaching ideas and research (able to read waves as of 7/29!)
  4. GoToWebinar - currently unsupported (as of 6/17)

desktop apps

  1. iTunes to organize music
  2. iMovie for editing movies (iMovie for iPhone 4 gets special attention)
  3. Business Card Composer to create biz cards

auxiliary components

one could assert if one were to choose iPad ... would seek to let these go...
  1. Firefox - honestly I do like this browser for everyday web browsing...
  2. iMac - there is something to be said for 20 inches - the iPad clearly gives a glimpse into the future of split-screen landscape computing though...
  3. macbook for on-the-go computing, iMac for desktop use (large screen real estate critical for creative work!)
  4. iPhone for mobile device (when laptop is not required, available on demand)
  5. FreeMind for mindmapping, brainstorming - actively being replaced by Google Wave and Personal Brain
  6. twitter for microblogging - used for "public circle"
  7. iPhoto for organizing photos (and create events)
  8. iWeb for launching your website (one could argue this can move to the cloud pretty fast...)
  9. iDVD to put your promo disc together (digital portfolio in the cloud is the future...)

see also Technology and eval and prototypes


who says everything in my toolbox has to be "hi-tech" (as in gadgets and software)?!?
  1. yoga
  2. Art of Living - breathing
  3. music (note: can be pretty heavy on electronic side for purposes of meditation)
    • psytrance - body meditation (best in the desert at Burning Man :)
    • Northern Exposure - meditate to this CD to distinguish any fears you are present to, let go, and invent a new possibility for yourself and your life
  4. Burning Man - school of radical self-expression :)
  5. Landmark Education - school of possibility


may be some redundancy until this page is automatically generated

  1. bananas
  2. Emergen-C - working on finding a local supply here in Tokyo
  3. ginseng (pure, from Chinatown)
  4. teas
    • green
    • soba
  5. natto
  6. kimchi
  7. spirulina - goes well with kiwi! thx Bug & Bee! :)

cross-reference: Well Being and Cooking

see also Utilities