It's official, I hauled ass to make Tokyo happen back in May 2008. Had a great 3 months living out of Akihabara focusing on my job search and felt great to focus on professional networking (opposed to spending all my time partying and socializing!) I found an unique opportunity to meet David Allen and an affinity for Twitter which naturally comes to the Japanese community! Last but not least, I spent every & every wkd with my girlfriend at the time and a highlight of my last wkd was dancing spiritually in the ocean in ways I never dreamed!

I am particularly fond to get an introduction to People Focus Consulting before I left - it gives me more than one reason to go back and continue my pursuits - I've fallen in love with Tokyo and know there is plenty I haven't even begun to crack let alone the rest of Japan!

It'll be some time before I get a chance to post more recent pictures so have some patience. It's time to plug back into the states and just call Los Angeles home after 5 long years!

Special Numbers

  • Life Line 03-5774-0992 - free, anonymous, and confidential telephone counseling from 9 a.m. to 11 p.m., 365 days a year




Places to Crash

official Tokyo Apartment hunt alternatives...
  • Sakura Hotel +81 (0) 3 3261 3939 - very nice - found it pleasant and resourceful for its price. I emphasize function over luxury - this is hardly your 5-star hotel - but will give credit for great service. For business use, you can't beat a private single that is centrally located, 3 minutes walking distance to the subway - 15 minutes from many stations along the Yamanoto line - key for those who intend to jump around town a bit during your stay. all this plus broadband access at under 7000 yen/night (based on 5% discount on a standard single if u book online) is a good deal. you must accept a shared bathroom.

to go

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  • Kichijoji uncovered- wow this city sounds really nice just outside Shibuya!
    • has a 2nd hand store called "Santa Monica" - how great is that?!?


  • DJ Yas (Kemuri Productions Japan)


  • getting downtown from Narita (via JR)
    • 1280 will get you to Tokyo/Akihabrara in approx 90 minutes
    • 2900+ if you are really in a rush (60 minutes)
    • "regular Keisei express train (not the airport express) - it takes slightly longer but it's like 1/2 price - 1500 instead of 3000 yen as I recall."
      • - "Put in 'narita-airport' for the source and shibuya (or wherever in Tokyo) for the destination. (Unreserved seats) And put your departure date and time. Choose a train WITHOUT the express surcharge if you want to save money. (Avoid the skyliner and Narita Express which are like 3000 yen!) It will take about 2 hours."
  • Tokyo Metro monthly open pass 16820 yen (as of Aug 2008)


  • Grill fukushima - ueno park - the grapefruit brulee is to die for!



you're not going to find internet cafes for 40 baht/hr but you will find often find private rooms with reclining chairs friends tell me they know people who crash overnight in! I personally prefer capsule hotels :)
  • CS Internet - 1000 yen/2 hrs, 3000 yen/12 hrs