after 4 years of living in Thailand, I often get asked what do I feel I learned and/or accomplished in Thailand. I don't have any kind of comprehensive answer and just starting to gather my thoughts...

if you plan to visit or live in Thailand, you may find my Thailand Cheatsheet useful!

Original Vision

Peace in Thailand - a vision for sourcing global transformation from Thailand in July 2004. This was my compass for 4 years.
Peace in Thailand

What Actually Showed Up

  1. 7000 Landmark Forum graduates



  1. Dance Labs - Dance Chalat!


  1. chased a vision for mobile computing and the iPhone came to life (now whether this is my accomplishment or not is not the issue - it occurred!)
  2. Intel-based Apple products
  3. Mac OS X Leopard - automated backups to external via Time Machine


  1. learned to speak Thai!
  2. gave up software piracy. purchased my first WinXP license!
  3. gave up music piracy. collected 100+ iTune singles of the week to complement my existing collection of CDs purchased in my younger years!
  4. played a game to relate to everyday Thai people by living on 100 baht/day
  5. how to support a couple, maintain a healthy lifestyle of living, and be a grassroots leader on 25,000 baht/month (US$7500 annum)
  6. professional accomplishments (see resume)
  7. Thailand Cheatsheet
  8. clear context for long-distance relationships (see lifetime partner)
  9. reduced alcohol consumption by X %
  10. eliminated recreational drug use
  11. learn to live independently for 1 year (oats sowed - yeay!)
  12. this wiki as a means to share my life dynamically in real-time. distinguish this from my existing blog
  13. LiveJournal sharing my journey to Thailand

Transform into tangible statements

  1. my own commitment to integrity
  2. learning to manage my back issue much like the blind man "manages" blindness
  3. environmental stance and awareness. recyclable stacks. say no to plastic bags & straws. use own bags for groceries. no to AC when possible.
  4. developmental stance and awareness
  5. ILP #7
  6. prepared to be a dad
  7. mutli-contextual grassroots digital toolkit(s)
  8. built a professional network (# of business cards)
  9. digital teamwork
  10. transformational relationship with Morn - friendship, stand for communication
  11. reduced cost of living in Thonburi and downtown Bangkok
  12. have peace with writing off XX baht as an investment in my personal training & development as a leader