Ever since I've embraced Twitter - I've learned a lot about the landscape and connected with people who are quite passionate about this space. I've engaged in debates around the value of new mediums (those of you reading know know you are!) and realize I am often a champion for the medium when you are the champion of your message. I'll have to embrace your message (think of it skin to trying on your hat) and experiment with different forms of media just to get a sense of what works and doesn't work. I often find it is a subtle dynamic and involves a lot of trust to be 100% effective. It's a bit of dance!

For those who are wondering, the purpose of referencing a wiki page is to invite folks in my online communities to discuss this topic further or more importantly, as they are "raw thoughts" - organize our ideas around the matter. My intention is to provide mechanisms for organization and do it the "wiki way" Contrast this to a blog which just provides a single stream of comments. This is an invitation to seed collaboration from the very beginning. You may modify this page or start a discussion above or even start a wiki or wiki page of your own if you wish - the choice is absolutely yours!

I will now move onto Omnipresence - how I was motivated to start this page in the first place!

see also for distinctions from "traditional" media - I've only skimmed this!
see also Social Networking

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