YAT (yet another tool :)


I just got "experience tested" and saw the following new opening for communicating on the net:

  1. no client required - yes, it was easy to get my dad on skype but now it just a click of a URL!
  2. simple conference bridging - as someone who's help coordinate a ton of calls while in Asia - it's nice to know, again, it's reduced to a click of the URL. (i have yet to test with multiple parties - phweet me if you want to try :)
  3. creates space for spontaneous conference calling - due the "shared" nature of Twitter - if you you see a friend connecting with another friend about your favorite topic X - you just click the link too and join in!! this opens up possibilities for open communication chat rooms always had - to voice!
  4. multi-medium - you can bounce voice from your web browser, to Skype to your phone. I technically haven't tried this and to honest, very excited about the uptime and resilience possible given I've been in situation with colleagues where our chosen bridge was not working very well and we just wanted a way to switch the "channel" - think of it like a CB radio or talkabout!

hey check this greasemonkey code for phweet out! http://sites.google.com/a/phweet.com/phweet-developer/code - you may want to use the hack for your wiki!!! @dina on twitter