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(i started contextualizing key outcomes for japan and realized it would make a difference to get outside "implementation")

an older but very informative TIME article on Japan reaching out

(disambiguation required: content on this page serves as a "guide", on cultural research, and on personal objectives - needs clear separation of context)

Special Numbers

  1. Free Legal Telephone Counseling for Foreigners/Refugees - 03-3547-0300


I shall preface this page with initial thoughts of my interests in Japanese culture and my desire to learn to adapt in Japan. This will evolve over time.


these are more personal objectives rather than cultural research goals - to be refined...
  1. learn history between Japanese people and Thai people
  2. request a hand in marriage as Japanese do


soon to add The Japanese Mind which serves as a primer...
Mini Japanese Culture Lessons
  1. loyalty & trust
  2. harmony
  3. appreciation for beauty - appreciation for impeccable detail in about everything that is created
  4. roots of their work ethic and desire for excellence, performance, and going "beyond the call of duty"
  5. social rituals with friends, family, and work
  6. space conservation & packaging
  7. education
  8. language
  9. abundance and convenience
  10. efficiency and performance (see Google Maps for logistics example!)
  11. gadgets
  12. hikikomori (引きこもり)
    • Lit. "pulling away, being confined" Japanese term to refer to the phenomenon of reclusive individuals who have chosen to withdraw from social life, often seeking extreme degrees of isolation and confinement (from 3rd short in Tokyo! Transformation, Anarchy, and Rebirth)



already learning a hell of a lot about work culture esp in the area of innovation...

one of the most important points is the need for a new generation of Japanese that have broke through "old ways" - transformation is key.


  • otaku
    • http://www.dannychoo.com/ - one of the more sophisticated bi-lingual blogs I've ever seen. content is great for looking at different aspects of Japanese culture and what it is like to live there - thought admittedly, very biased on otaku!
    • Akihabara is very well known for this...
    • Love in 2-D
  • keitai


  • Culture Shock, Japan


  • Big in Japan - very nice account of a Brit sharing his experience starting in 1999 before blogs were even popular - kudos!


  • Virtual Japan - in fact, this is a wiki completely focused on Japan!

Dark Side


  1. Tokyo - resources more focused on my intent to live there
  2. Kyoto - my introduction to Japan
  3. Sapporo
  4. Tsukuba - research capital of Japan

Searching for a job

I am pretty much looking for a full-time job starting in May. I am still learning about how the whole VISA process works.

see Job Search



  • Tenso - "An overseas forwarding service for sending Japanese mail order merchandise and packages to the world"

Other Links

Rich of Couch Surfing inspired me to organize a lot of the links he has provided me. for the most part, it is a quick sort based on a minute or two with the site so bear with me during this transition - I am "regrouping" :)

Services for foreigners


  • train route finders
    1. Jorudan - this thing rocks! it will show you multiple routes based on speed, cost, or even ease of use!
    2. Hitachi
  • Japan Rail pass - already dreaming of backpacking Japan :)

Travel Guides

Tours & Guides

Places to Stay



these seem very similar to CouchSurfing (which is my personal preference right now)