had to happen! Google has been working on a solution for awhile and now it looks very practical...definitely a game changer!

Google's official video overviews



  1. Google Voice Poised to Set a New Standard in Business Telephony - awesome article sharing some good examples of where GV can fit into your life (opposed to just merely being a replacement for the telephone)
  2. FAQ: How Google Voice Will Rock Wireless - wireless peeps, listen up!


  1. Apple Isn't Evil For Rejecting Google Voice - an iPhone to have easy access to data I own (my phonebook) - too far fetched?
  2. Google CEO Schmidt quits Apple board amid scrutiny - honestly think the whole thing about the "operating system" is a convenient cover for threat GV poses...


Initial Impressions

  1. kills Jajah - sound quality better - cheaper rates to Thailand
  2. voicemail transcription - searchable - foresee integration of email and voicemail and chat. love how it transcribes
    • ack it may be faster to skim the voicemail than to listen to your voicemail!
  3. being able to forward to multiple phones and even assign which phones ring for different groups - amazing
    • puts the user back in control - implements routing!
  4. integration with google contacts - now I can see GoogleSync coming into play...
  5. kills iPhone "visual voicemail" out of the water.
  6. screening - doesn't reveal what phones rang - allowing your number to be on the web
  7. provides a universal US number (free) - the new "home phone" :)
  8. gives new meaning to leaving yourself a memo? (evolution of Jott)?
  9. possibility - Google is working on a universal "voice platform" - empowering next generation of apps!
  10. free calling anywhere in the US :)
  11. unlimited # of greetings by group or even an individual!
  12. listen in - pretty much like the ole days of answering machines

to explore

  1. calling out on GV using Gizmo
  2. screening calls
  3. listen in (press "3" while vmail is being left)
  4. recording calls (press "4" to toggle during call)
  5. conference calling (press "5" when 2nd party calls)
  6. mid-call switch (press "*" while on phone)
  7. embedding voicemail
  8. custom greetings (group and individual level)
  9. inviting others to play :)

feature requests

if you like any of the features below, please put a request in with the Google Voice team!
  1. being able to schedule calls - an integration with appointments on Google Calendar would be king!
    • for example, would love my phone to automatically ring for daily clearing calls!
  2. allowing international "collect" calls - quite aware most of my friends in Thailand may not tech savvy (in regards to Internet telephony) and would be happy to pay for these calls...
  3. unknown caller group - would love to be able to change the settings for unknown callers to have:
    1. a standard greeting customized to request they must leave a msg if I'm to call them back
    2. call presentation turned on
    3. enable fewer phones to ring (ie. not my cell)
  4. controlling sort order of groups - addressing the issue of multiple contacts in multiple groups
  5. contacts with phone #s "smart group"
  6. international texts - being that it costs me 20 cents (extra) to send an international text and the fact that I am making international calls, be happy to save money on this front rather than suppressing my use of international texts in general.
    • must be reliable - I stopped sending international texts via Skype - it doesn't work to pay for something unpredictable!
  7. speed dialer when dialing #s from your phone - at the very minimum, storing frequently used numbers (1-9). access to your address book (A-Z) would be nice - UI would need to be worked out.
  8. receive SMSes on Google Talk - (ultimately by gmail if offline!)