There's no doubt in my mind YOU live a fulfilling and full life!

Regardless of where I stand in life, I invite all kinds of inquiries and requests - let's play! =)

I am always exploring, evaluating, and inventing new technologies to keep in touch. I'm quite passionate in regards to how the Internet provides everyone access to a global community at large and that we find ways to stay grounded to our current surroundings.

That said, I can't promise to reply to all correspondence. I do my best and share what I've come up with to fill in the gaps below.

Look forward to hearing from you! :)

Ways to contact me

  1. Google Voice - the first, scalable way to make yourself available to the world by voice!
  2. twitter - you can follow me on or even send me twitter "replies" indirectly
  3. Rizzoma - this is an experiment in progress - "life as living, wet paint" ;)
  4. facebook - visit my public profile
    • write me a message
    • for friend requests, please be so kind to write me a short note (especially if we have not met face-to-face - thanks!)
  5. linkedin - if your needs are on a "professional" basis, please visit my LinkedIn profile
  6. wikispaces
  7. my portfolio - contact page
  8. my virtual desk - the "email us" link does work and very thoroughly under construction but it's cool!

if you've discovered a new way to keep in touch, please invite us to play with you!

Ole Skool

of course there are things called email and instant messaging - these are sooo passe :D but seriously, there is a lot of work to make these technologies truly practical in today's rapidly changing and expanding world! (see more)


  1. free/busy info - means of scheduling time w me...
  2. in the spirit of Dance Labs, I look forward to pointing to you to the nearest dance floor as this is almost always my preference of contact :)