our coursework for the wisdom course 2nd wkd is to create an autobiography - this wiki is so chock full of content to contribute to writing an autobio the way I've always dreamed! ha - this could easily be an iPad application ;-)


Goals of a Digital Autobiography Platform

  1. easy to get started - helps you collect details about your life by interviewing you and creating a first cut of your autobiography *quickly* (gets you to wkd 2 FAST! :)
    • fun for children - takes advantage of touch screen interface and gestures
  2. infinitely expandable - people upgrade, expand and transform their personal autobiographies ongoingly
  3. builds community
    • being a contribution to our "wisdom commons"
    • actively connects our originating circles together.
    • presences the community what they have to provide as a whole. a visitor from the UK is immediately present to what LA has to offer, for example.
    • genealogy tool of the future - kids get related to their parents - connects generations
    • identifies cultural creatives - those that have a passion for bridging cultures
  4. easy to share - presents information in a way grandma & grandpa get it

Live example on the web

http://webbrain.com/brainpage/brain/498E34F8-61E2-C7AF-70B7-7E8281379166 (future embed on this page coming soon)

Getting Started

If you are interested in starting your autobiography, download and install TheBrain if you don't have it already

if you want a starting point, download the template below

until I get this time to write the software to automate creating your autobio, you'll have to spend time reconnecting which years go to each age (ie. your birthyear to Age 0) - do have patience and contact me if u need assistance!



Claudia is a rockstar for making this happen!
http://claudia.tiddlyspace.com which "inherits" http://autobiography.tiddlyspace.com


I ack wikispaces as a source of inspiration - pages listed below are just slivers until I found the inspiration to use the Personal Brain
the vision is to have digital technology automatically update other "expressions" (iPad, wiki, etc) that may be more intuitive to explore...


  • slideshow (multiple pictures) on each page (ie. using Picassa embeds)
  • consider protecting pages

Google Wave

(Google canceled Google Wave, Rizzoma is one of its successors continuing development & upgrades in the context of global transformation)

eventually this wiki page, this wave, and the personal brain thought will be one and the same ;-)