Steve Jobs just never lets up! first Mac OS X then my macbook then my iPhone and now a MacBook Air! even Apple TV has my attention now that it is rev 2.0...

it's like I was meant to standardized on macs while at Carnegie Mellon University!

I can forgive the ripples and interruptions between 1995 and 2005 now :)


Apple shares have done amazingly well over the past 2-3 years - I sure wish I had the discretionary funds to take advantage of this! (all the reason to get back into the full-time work grind (maybe at Apple!) while I am sorting out my life and have a solid community of co-workers around me)


I've been doing a lot of research on Steve Jobs and his executive team. Aside from all the great keynotes he delivers I found one particularly inspiring interview from Oct 2004:
  • The Seed of Apple's Innovation
    • I've got the greatest family in the world, and I've got my work. And that's pretty much all I do. I don't socialize much or go to conferences. I love my family, and I love running Apple, and I love Pixar. And I get to do that. I'm very lucky.

Release Model

I got my "Backup Now" option in my menu bar in the last 10.5.2 release of Mac OS X

"Wow, someone over there at Apple actually thought of this!" (quoted from Seed of Apple's Innovation article above!)

I am now just starting to realize the Apple release model is wildly different from the release models of the majority of software in the past - esp Windows 2000/XP (I can't speak for Vista) What is radically different is when you pay for a license of Mac OS X, you are not only paying for maintenance, you are also paying for new enhancements to be rolled out - he did it in time for the MacWorld conference for the 1.1.3 update for the iPhone and as I've stated above, I see it in the last Leopard update.

Now Apple is a hardware company - you purchase a MacBook, an iPhone, or even an AppleTV - it includes a software that automatically updates. Contrast this to your static DVD player which has an outdated UI to play your MP3s and will likely never get updated - thus you are stuck in stonehenge!

This is nothing groundbreaking - I saw this in my ClearCase days when people "subscribed" to yearly maintenance fees and for the record, perhaps I just never noticed it with Windows - from my perspective - all I saw Windows Update doing was downloading patch after patch after patch! I just got done installing over 60 of them to my WinXP SP2c license I just bought - amazing!




  • The Mac in the Gray Flannel Suit
    • "Apple's total sales have surged from $5.2 billion in fiscal 2002 to $24 billion last year"
    • ""Steve Jobs doesn't need a sales force because he already has one: employees like the ones in my company.""
    • "Apple's current approach of letting workers lead the charge into the workplace isn't a bad one."
    • "The iPhone may be Jobs' entrée into corporate offices. It's the one product for which Apple has created an explicit plan for reaching corporations." - this makes sense - laptops are laptops at the end of the day!
    • "About 90% of office workers still use its previous operating system, XP."
    • ""There is no business reason to upgrade."" - very true!!!!
    • ""This is the new world—the Internet has replaced Windows as the platform," says Marc Benioff, chief executive of" - sweet!
    • ""The ability to run Windows made the Mac the perfect solution for us on a very practical operational level""
    • "43% of college students who intend to buy a laptop plan to buy a Mac" - wow. makes me think about my bro!