ok - in my attempt to better get a sense of Google, I'm starting to research their efforts to open up mobile phones

this is the application that had me really see the light:

very impressed with this online simulator. software before hardware - sounds a bit like my verilog days... :D


  1. to promote an open-platform that is hardware-agnostic
  2. to champion compelling applications that prove the merit of the platform
  3. to be a viable alternative to the iPhone and other Japanese mobiles
  4. to support a company that has a more holistic view and take on the world
    • development: foundation
    • radical self-expression: Burning Man
    • DIY: developers are empowered to fix bugs they see in products
    • 20%: developers may devote their time to innovation and creativity
    • open-source
    • ongoing support for a set of technologies that provide startups, grassroots efforts collaboration capabilities at minimal cost.

hmmm - might be interesting to do a side-by-side comparison of Google's and Apple's strategies!