went to my first Tokyo 2.0 event - very good!

Raw notes


Enterprise to web scale
Software as a service - no release cycle!
Eval: amazon web services
70% on Undifferentiated heavy lifting
Vs google?
Service level agreements
Inquiry: facebook app in amazon services -> Y
S3 firefox organizer
Project: get dancelabs basic website working on S3
Animoto.com -> facebook
Viral -> need for auto scaling services
Possibility: instanteous temporal data center
Concept: server-less startup companies
Concept: use only what you need
OA: Revise business plan with amazon web services

Sdb, sqs, ec2, s3
Support, forums, blog

Jin varia jvaria AT ...

Grep the web
Open network

Consideration: dev infrastructure

Heroku.com // mike


Webdirections.org - keynote for web


Twitter/wiki [(see Twitter)]