AirPlay has gotta be one of the coolest features of Apple's iOS platform. I definitely saw this feature coming alive with the new Apple TV (v2)

Apple is transforming how we delivering content - over the air. as a sales engineer in a past life, I used to have to carry a 7 lb laptop, a projector and all the cables. what is coming is the ability to arrive at a client with an iPad and deliver your presentation to their screen - no wires attached. this is very cool and supports my view for ergonomics and well being

It is neat to find these a few hacks to get AirPlay to work on:

  1. Linux
  2. Mac OS X

it can be a bit glitchy at times but it definitely works - tried it from YouTube and Videos (both MPEG4 and H.264 encoded) from my iPad

I can't wait to deliver Keynote presentations supersoon! (rumor in iWork 11 at best right now)

enabled apps

  • YouTube
  • Videos (iPad)
  • iPod (music-only streaming not enabled yet)
  • Photos (music doesn't stream to at the moment)
  • Safari (sound only, streaming embedded videos (example page) coming soon in iOS 4.3 update)
  • Pandora (iPhone to Airport Express)
  • (Airport Express only)

app wishlist

  • Keynote
  • Safari (displayed externally w/o cables)
  • Netflix